Camo Plaid Revolution 2

Are you a fan of spontaneity? Do you like insightful stupid randomness? If so, then CPR2 is for you! Created by and starring these three cousins, these random videos making fun of the normality of everyday life are just what you've been looking for! To see our videos, head on over to the videos section! (duh!)

You wonder why we're wearing this red and this black. Well check this rhyme I'm spittin' and you'll be on track. If your heart is happy, if your heart is blue, all your soul be needin' is some dope CPR2, oh come on. You can't see us 'cause we're camo, you can't touch us 'cause we're plaid. You want to run to mommy, you want to cry to dad. But it's so funky, it's so fly, people come and ask us why we're bad.